We here at NaTech are pleased to announce a variety of giveaways to compliment the release of Hailstorm bb’s.

First giveway we will be doing is a hailstorm patch for every 100 likes we achieve on our Facebook page, simply like the page and then comment on this post with your favorite patch color.

Second giveaway we will be having is for every 200 likes we get our page we will be giving away a free bag of Hailstorm bb’s in any of the weights offered to a random person that liked our page.

Last but not least, our last giveaway is for a full Polarstar setup (Firebase Regulator, Fusion Engine, 48/3k Air Tank and a Battery), that’s right, you heard us right, full Polarstar setup. How can you get in on this last giveaway you might ask? Quite simply, buy any type of hailstorm and your name will be entered for each bag you purchase. When we reach 1000 bags sold a winner will be chosen. The bb’s will remain on sale as well until 1000 bags are sold. What are you waiting for, go purchase some now! http://natechdev.com/?product_cat=bbs-and-accessories

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Hailstorm BB Release

NaTech is proud to announce we are the exclusive distributors of Hailstorm BBs and airsoft products! Hailstorm BBs come in a variey of weights, and more weights, including heavyweight white bbs are in the works. Check them out here!

By partnering with Hailstorm, we will be jump starting the company and pushing them faster towards the white heavyweight bbs that players everywhere are looking for! These BBs are designed and formulated stateside, and produced overseas, though there is a possibility of bringing the production stateside as well, making them the first ever airsoft BB to be produced in the USA! Other things that set Hailstorms apart is the perfect internal consistency of the rounds, which leads to more stable shots, accurate groupings, and maintained energy at a distance, since the BB is rotating in a perfectly spherical manner, and not being throw onto a wobbling axis because of air bubbles or other weight distribution issues. The surface of the BBs are perfectly clean, and they feed very well in midcaps and highcaps.


For the first 2 weeks following this release, the coupon code 5offhailstorm will be active, and give 5% off the already sale prices of the hailstorm BBs. Shipping is also very low on these products. Go ahead, try them out, we know you will love them, as well as the extra range and tighter groupings.


Looking for a great source of BBs for your team? Contact us for team pricing!


The website is having a minor glitch with handling the shipping for these, and you may be contacted regarding specific orders if the website messes up with shipping (we greatly apologize for this). The cost should not be that much extra, probably around $5 or so :)

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Polarstar M249 Fusion Engines Available

Only a limited supply, get them while you can!


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TF2 Price Checker (Free/Paid) for Android (iOS coming soon!)

A little while ago, we released our first version of TF2 Price Checker to the Google Play Store, and received over 1000 downloads in a phenomenally short period of time with no advertisement whatsoever. The iOS version in the free and paid flavors will be launching shortly on the App Store for the waiting iOS fans out there!

A bit about the app…

“A perfect mashup of Steam items and Backpack.tf pricing goes mobile!

While trading in Team Fortress 2, isn’t it annoying to have to tab out of your game to check pricing, or go through the bookmark lacking steam ingame browser to find your pricing? With this slick app, you can check item prices during your trade, or on the go in an instant!”


Soon to be released updates for the paid version include tablet support, offline mode, greater control over search, and a slight speed boost, all with no ads. The free version will maintain the ads, with no true enhancements for the time being. “Metal” will also be updated to specify that it is refined metal


IMG_1432  IMG_1429IMG_1430

As seen below, the current (1.0.0) release of the paid version has no ads. More features will be coming soon!


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Polarized 2.3 is Live!

Our 2.3.0 release of Polarized – The Polarstar App has been a huge hit, with 90% of users downloading the update within 48 hours. Changes included a redesigned interface with a side panel, as well as more links and references, and updated descriptions.

We are plugging away at the 2.4 release, so stay tuned!

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Redline M4 Plate Connect Full Routing Kit (Gen 3 Fusion Engines)

Get yours here! http://natechdev.com/?product=redline-m4-plate-connect-full-routing-kit-gen-3-fusion-engines

Kit contains the redline plate connect, along with the 90 degree fitting required to route your line to the rear inside the fusion engine. This fitting is required to use the plate connect!

The Redline M4 Plate Connect combines the comfort of having your Engine hose routed to the rear along with the convenience, ease of operation and secure hose connection of our Grip Connect.

The Plate Connect uses a specially made ambi sling plate that is drilled and tapped at a 20 deg. angle to mount our custom quick connect nipple. The nipple has an internal o- ring that seals on the hose.

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FCU Locks and More Tournament Locks!

We are proud to announce another great product collaboration with DH Customs! The new FCU locks we have will fit any generation of FCU, and still fit nicely in a standard sized buffer tube.

Along with the FCU locks, we now have SCM III locks, SST Locks, and Lock/Protection Caps for the Bingo Adjustment Knob. Concerning the latter, this device wraps around Firebase regulator while the knob is installed, and effectively protects against bumps and accidental adjustments while in your pack. This allows you to have the convenient knob for adjustment when switching guns and at chrono, along with the protection of a lock!

The FCU locks can also be packaged with any tournament lock for a discount, and we also offer the Bingo Knobs packaged with a Bingo Knob Lock at a discount!


Happy airsofting!

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Firebase Adjustment Knob!

Check out this awesome new product on our site here! http://natechdev.com/?product=firebase-adjustment-knob

Please note this is a pre order, as we are expecting our shipment soon! Best way to get a free knob? The next 3 Firebase Air Regulator orders we get will come with a FREE Knob!

We partnered with Bingo Airsoft Works to create the first aftermarket accessory for the Firebase!

This slick little kit allows you to easily adjust the pressure on your Redline Firebase air regulator without needing to carry around a hex key (and never having the right size)! This sleek, low profile knob works exactly the same way the as the ARX-20 knob. Need to lock down your reg? Simply remove the clip and store it in your gun bag!

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New Products! HunterSeeker Armory!

We are now proud to carry the R-Hop line from HunterSeeker Armory! Check them out in the store!

Wholesale orders welcome!

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Polarized iOS Issues

We are having issues getting Polarized 2.2.1 approved by Apple for the latest version. Thank’s for your patience with this as we hack our way through their processes.

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